Violet bar appears when TA Forecast predicts a down move in a stock. When a violet bar made, a violet dotted rectangle is also appear below the price level. When the market is sideways we can take both buy & sell signals. C9 can differentiate between trending and non-trending price action.

This Is Not What Dead Or Dying Bulls Look Like – Seeking Alpha

This Is Not What Dead Or Dying Bulls Look Like.

Posted: Wed, 16 Feb 2022 08:00:00 GMT [source]

It is important to use this indicator always with the trend. If the trend is up then we can buy when TA Stoch comes to Zero . A value at zero of TA Stoch suggest short term over sold. It gives quick signal of buy on dips in an uptrend or sells on rallies in a downtrend.

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Chaos is the highest form of order and posses a highly deterministic behavior. Many times, all these events are rhythmically synchronized with Momentum, Volume, Time and Price. Traders get significant benefits from knowing the beginning of market structures . It’s not easy to identify market “Fractals” but there may be a set of rules and patterns/events which may help traders to identify them. A focused study that identifies the location of quantitative values within specific time contexts.

  • A bearish divergence forms when a security records a higher high and the Blue Line forms a lower high.
  • The numbers & the letter ‘C’ are displayed on price charts at specific locations.
  • Technical/Fundamental Analysis Charts & Tools provided for research purpose.
  • Essentially what note taking does is, it eases the job of your memory for more important tasks and there by improving your cognitive capacity.
  • After the fall, the price began to consolidate sideways, and it has many fundamental reasons.
  • This specific installment color codes events – all down events are green, up events are blue, double-marked events are red, and smooth events are gray.

Current C9 – close of the 9th bar is above the High of the previous completed C9 setup in the opposite direction, and then the market is in an uptrend. In this the prices action differs with the Setup condition. Thus the number vanishes and also a new setup starts. When a series of C9 numbers from 1 to 9 appear below prices, selling may be getting exhausted. When a series of C9 numbers from 1 to 9 appear above prices, buying may be getting tired. The C9 indicator consists of a set of numbers & the letter ‘C’.

Forex Indicators FAQ

Trading strategies usually require multiple technical analysis indicators to increase forecast accuracy. Lagging technical indicators show past trends, while leading indicators predict upcoming moves. When selecting trading indicators, also consider different types of charting tools, such as volume, momentum, volatility and trend indicators.

Once we establish a how to calculate overhead cost per unit then we can look for a trade within. If trend is up then we can look for buy on dip when green histogram first decrease the value and then increase the value. When the indicator is moving sideways, it shows that both securities are performing the same (i.e., rising and falling by the same percentages).

The lower low in the security affirms the current downtrend, but the higher low in the indicator shows less downside momentum. If the trend is down then we can sell when TA Stoch comes to 100. A value at 100 of TA Stoch suggests short term over bought. TA Insync combines the best of trend as well as momentum indicators. A simple use is to measure the strength of a stock’s current trend versus that of the general market.

3 key indicators traders use to determine when altcoin season begins – Cointelegraph

3 key indicators traders use to determine when altcoin season begins.

Posted: Thu, 02 Jun 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Buying or selling after the market turned is the preferred choice of trend followers who avoid trying to pick market tops and bottoms, while going with the market flow once a new trend is visible. When C9 gives a reversal signal, the selling of options becomes a viable strategy. After a confirmed C9, prices should reverse, or consolidate. Current C9 – close of the 9th bar is below the Low of the previous completed C9 setup in the opposite direction, and then the market is in a downtrend.

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And it is more powerful and more valuable information that tells us about the direction of the https://1investing.in/, as well as how far the price can go after breaking up and rolling back into the body of a fractal. This information allows us to put a stop-loss and take-profit orders with a bit more confidence. Above picture shows a schematic example of how this might play out in the market. Each trend leg is an impulse, retracement, impulse pattern, and each of those legs also breaks down into the same pattern on the lower time frame.

In an Uptrend, Stochastic usually remain in an overbought zone. It does not give any signal of buy on dips in an uptrend or sell on rallies in a down trend. For this we have to use 55 as a Look back period and with smooth by 5 periods. If trend is down then we can look for sell on rally when red histogram first increase the value and then decrease the value.


Fractal theory is very powerful, but it does need confirmation indicators such as Momentum, Divergence and price-action to be valid. In fact, at the time of formation of fractal flow of orders from major players are adapting to the market. In practice, the interactions of structures on lower time frames are usually components of price action, while higher time frames are more likely to provide context for market structure patterns within the trading time frame. Also, since price movements are fractal in nature, traders are further able to apply the same sense to different time frames, and perhaps benefit from larger swings as well. RIP – Efficient Market Hypothesis and Random Walk Theory – The moment you shorten your trading time frame, you will start to see the inefficiencies. If you are a trader reading this, think about Open Close as a separate event and High Low range formation as a different event, and you will see the inefficiencies clearly.

Trend Analyser

It is wise to avoid trading next day as chances of a choppy or narrow range day is higher after an outside day. In an uptrend, buying is possible with Brown bars and Blue bars . Blue bar appears when TA Forecast predicts an up move in a stock. When a blue bar made, a blue dotted rectangle is also appear above the price level. The basic concept is to buy on the completion of a green line and to sell on the completion of a red one.

Discipline, avoiding noise and focusing on Short term moves – Being on time I guess is the first aspect of discipline, alludes to the idea of routines and their importance in success. The second aspect is avoiding noise, as a trader you need to have confidence in your system and approach and you need to avoid noise i.e informational noise. Thankfully I quit TV a decade back, and have never gone back. I have always been against the Random Walk/Fama school, and have been more of a Mandelbrot follower. I have been a fan of Victor Niederhoffer for a long time. If you are into trading or any kind of speculative business you’ve got to read his books.

But then, it may not just be their refined visual perceptual abilities, there could be other variables that they may be tacitly processing, perhaps some moving averages or some other data. Its only when their brains kind of processes all these elements together that they get their predictions right. If someone tells you that day trading does not work, its because most traders do not have the skills to make it work, but by itself patterns in shorter periods are far easy to predict than in longer periods. As in any technical indicator, “Fractals” form, fail, re-fail and re-form. “Fractals” work in all markets and in all time-frames.


That doesn’t make much sense to me, if the guys with billions of dollars want to break a level, they will break it and price will run off very often. We’ve seen it time and time again, they don’t need to… Alright, let’s talk about how to use this fancy indicator.

C9 reversals are assumed to be completed when 1 to 9 numbers appear on the chart. After 9, ‘C’ can continue but the pattern will remain visible, and considered complete. In the context of markets, it is closely linked to the idea of “Fractals” and concept of “Thin Slicing” from psychology. Documentation – Note Taking, also plays a very vital role, I have seldom seen a high performing trader without a note book on his/her trading desk. But at the moment we will keep it simple – so do jot down, things you may want to refer, back test, or explore further later.

As in the case of the Fibonacci sequence, fractals find their realization in nature, art and trade in the financial markets as repetitive patterns. Select any five-minute chart pattern on any currency pair, and you will definitely be able to find a similar price pattern on the larger time periods, and sometimes observed the very proportion. Forex technical analysis indicators are regularly used by traders to predict price movements in the Foreign Exchange market and thus increase the likelihood of making money in the Forex market. Forex indicators actually take into account the price and volume of a particular trading instrument for further market forecasting. The chart above illustrates an example of sell “Fractal” pattern from the Nasdaq futures . NQ futures rallied in the morning session and closed near 1808.

Please note that the level of resistance was formed just below the previous fractal. Old level of support is now pointing to the place of sellers’ concentration. As soon as the price is close to that level, it bounces twice on it . When we are looking at charts and trading, esp. seasoned traders get an intuitive feeling of what may happen next. They see a pattern emerging and they know how its going to develop further. Obviously its not fool proof, but even if it’s better than a coin toss probability, its good enough, in reality I have seen people who have a probability of getting it right more often.

This structure theoretically extends down to the one-tick level. Furthermore, the entire large market structure could be a setup leg for a trend on the next higher time frame. Usable under any conditions and in all markets, the ‘event locator’ provides a foundational layer for any count-based trading strategy or system. This specific installment color codes events – all down events are green, up events are blue, double-marked events are red, and smooth events are gray.

After a prolonged downtrend in the markets, a 5-bar “Fractal” is formed to signal a potential change in the trend. This “Fractal” has three bars with higher highs and two bars with lower lows. Trades are initiated when another higher-high is formed after this 5-bar “Fractal”. Secondly, once you have learned and mastered fundamental aspects of fractals, you begin to see the movement of the market and its prospects with greater clarity. Fundamentals of fractals are tied to the flow of client orders of the largest financial centers in the world, including banks, trading houses and other major players in this arena.

After the fall, the price began to consolidate sideways, and it has many fundamental reasons. That what happened in this case is due to the fact that the sellers have left the market, closing the gap in order to fix profits and thereby causing the stabilization of prices. An investment horizon is defined as the length of time that an investor expects to hold assets or securities. Investment horizons can effectively represent investor’s needs such as degree of risk exposure and desired return on investments. As per normal understanding, investment horizons during stable periods tend to balance between short-term and long-term.

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